High Quality Photography &
Medical X-Ray Films, Graphic
Art Film & Color Papers

Compact Design with the Smallest Depth of 365 mm

The Regius Model 110 features an astonishingly compact design with a footprint of only 0.27m².

The two-way setting method allows selection of two patterns of layout depending on the customer use environments.

Entirely Simple, Comfortable Operability

The Regius Model 110 allows for easy operation with the simple installation of an exposed cassette. The height of the cassette slot is 710 mm. Easy cassette installation is achieved. Continue to use existing cassettes for the Regius 170 / 190 as exposure cassettes.

Compact, Speedy, and Powerful

The Regius Model 110 delivers processing performance of 80 sheets/hour, achieving a high-speed processing cycle of 45 seconds/plate.

This is the smallest, top-of - the-line Regius model with both compact design and high performance.

Simple Model CS-2 with Distinguished Operability for Medical Practitioners

This Regius console features a user-friendly screen layout with intuitive, easy operability and a body shaped icon. The image-processing functions provide optimal images by body part. In addition, the unit stores information on adjusted image density and contrast, automatically customizing the finished images to suit the customer’s needs.

Professional Model CS-3 with User Customization Function

This is a high-end model with a multi-reader connection structure and an exposure condition key edit function. With user tools, execute such editing tasks as adjusting the image processing settings and output condition settings by body part. Abundant options and functions such as long integrated processing and coordination with X-ray equipment are also available.



Succeeding the “Ultimate Resource Sharing System” concept introduced.


Regius 370 offers flexible operation in various exposures for different body parts.