High Quality Photography &
Medical X-Ray Films, Graphic
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Embracing image-based diagnosis,
Konica Minolta has once again met the critical demands
Of the medical imaging industry and presents its next generation dry imager,

Featuring 5-size printing capability and space –saving design
Capable of printing film sizes (14 X17, 14 X14, 11X14, 10 X 12, 8 X10-inch)
As well as adaptability to ever more diverse modalities. This versatility satisfies the size needs of CR, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, and mammography all in one imager.

Even with an optional six-tray sorter installed, the DRYPRO793 boasts a footprint of a mere0.43m2, making it the smallest full-size, multi-modality dry imager available.

Wide range of options available to meet user requirements
One film tray is mounted in the standard configuration with optional second and third trays available. 14-inch (accepts 14 X17, 14 X 14, 11 X 14-inch), 10-inch (accepts 10 X12-inch) and 8-inch (accepts 8 X10-inch) trays are available as options, providing flexibility of configuration to meet user needs. Additionally a 6- channel sorter is offered to facilitate post-print sorting.

Even more advanced print management
DRYPRO 793 is furnished with a Web maintenance function that allows the user to use a PC on the same network to access such information as the device status and print progress via the web browser. This affords the user and added degree of security by enabling access to print progress from modalities at remote locations.

Furnished with a wide range of convenient functions
A start Timer function automatically powers and warms up the unit by the time you get into the office. Previous page printing makes reprinting films quick and easy. Status indicators let you know how much film remains in each tray.

User-friendly operability
The DRPRO 793 features a large, color, LCD touch panel. The crisp clear display provides easy reading in many selectable languages. The menus are intuitive and easy to navigate.

The DRYPRO 793 also features new screen layouts for displaying film type and size and system status.

Features not only compact design and high image quality….
DRYPRO 793 presents a new concept that offers user-friendly design to achieve true ease of operation and security

Featuring new animated display
The DRYPRO 793 provides animated instructions in the event the imager runs out of film or requests some action for the user to take. The step-by-step animation presents procedures in an easy to understand format that facilitates quick resolution. This feature frees the user from the burden of referring to manuals in the course of day-to-day operation and makes the unit easy to use even for an inexperienced operator.

The DRYPRO 793creates images of unrivalled clarity and sharpness by utilizing Konica Minolta’s latest precision optics to produce a minimum pixel size of 25 um- world’s highest resolution!

In Pursuit of high performance
The DRYPRO 793 offers a film printing capacity of 120 sheets per hour for 14” X17” film (90 seconds for the first film), greater throughput for smaller film sizes at standard resolution, and 90 sheets per hour for 8” X 10” film in the high resolution, 25um mode. Additionally, the newly designed film transport assembly handles varied film sizes seamlessly and reliably.

Full Support of the digital mammography
The DRYPRO 793 has received its USA FDA 510K certification as a mammography out put device. To ensure stability of mammography image quality. The DRYPRO 793 provides a special mammography QC pattern and an additional roller cleaning mechanism.

Newly develop HPRO (heat processing) Unit
In order to achieve uniform processing on each film size, the heat processing drum incorporates five internal heaters for image stability during the heat developing processing.

Furnished with new-generation image processing software
The DRYPRO 793 utilizes powerful image processing algorithms to simultaneously optimize the smoothness of images and the sharpness of text.

Diagnostic clarity is preserved and patient data is always legible, regardless of the size printed.

Equipped with an optical unit to produce the world’s highest resolution
In order to provide the perfect digital mammography solution, it is first necessary to provide functions to accurately record detailed information.

In relentless pursuit of output image stability
The DRYPRO 793 utilizes a self-adjusting output density control function. To achieve this, a density patch is measured on every film. Complete grayscale calibration (38 steps) is performed when a new film box is loaded and also when a particular film tray has not been used for set period of time. This regular calibration process ensures consistent printed densities.

To realize a recording capability at the world’s highest resolution of 25um, DRYPRO 793 features optimized laser beam diameter, major improvements in response of LD modulation and development of new jitter correction circuit to reduce misaligned writing produced by jitter duing scanning.

Medical Imaging Films SD-P
Our daylight dry film is available with a blue base (SD-P) or clear base (SD-PC). Advances in the emulsion and binder material have yielded major improvements in raw film storage and post-processing image stability.

Direct connection to DICOM network
The DRYPRO 793 is a networked imager capable of connecting directly to DICOM print compliant devices.

In addition, the DRYPRO 793 supports Presentation LUT (GSDF), which enables printed film to more accurately match diagnostic monitors.

Requested image Size, the DICOM function to ensure true size printing, is also supported.

Security Support
DRYPRO 793 complies with “THE Basic security”, facilitating maintenance and control of both hospital and patient information.

Laser Imager

Drypro 832

DRYPRO 832 is Very user friendly,
it is easy to use,
Warms up quickly,
and is very quiet.
Drypro 873

Smallest footprint (0.35 SQM) imager in all three Imagers. 3 trays. sorter and mammography are available.