High Quality Photography &
Medical X-Ray Films, Graphic
Art Film & Color Papers

Compact, Multi-Function Medical Film Processor for Fast, Simple Output of High Resolution Images

The Konica SRX-101A is a tabletop medical film processor that delivers high quality images in just 90 seconds edge to edge. Although compact in size, the SRX-101A is equipped with a rang of convenient features including energy saving stand-by mode, automated chemical supply and replenishment, and auto shout-down, clean and simple operation.

Space-saving Tabletop Design
The SRX-101A occupies just 0.59m2 of surface space. The control panel can be installed on either the right or the left side of the unit offering maximum flexibility. A custom stand is available, and a light-shielding panel allows for the unit to be installed in a separating wall between a darkroom and a lighted room.

Compact Unit, High Performance
Processing time, edge to edge is just 90 seconds, and as many as 75 sheets of 24 X 30cm or 10 X 12inch film may be processed per hour. The SRX-101A accepts sheet film sizes ranging from 10 X 10cm to 35 X 43cm. Processing speed can be set for 90, 120 or 180 seconds.

Quiet Operation
The SRX-101A is designed to run quietly. Efficient film drying technology and a high performance drying fan reduce operating noise to a minimum.

Consistently High Quality Images
An automated, precision replenishment system similar to that used in large, stand-alone processor assures that the SRX-101A consistently delivers high quality images. Processing tanks are designed to prevent oxidation of solutions for long-term, stable operation.

Easy maintenance, Built-in Safety Features
Film transport racks and evaporation barrier are modularized for easy removal and daily washing. Also solution tank corners are rounded to simplify washing. Safety features include an overheating shut-off switch and anon-fuse breaker. The SRX-101A has been approved under TUV, UL and CSA safety standards.

For Maximum Convenience
Automated Chemical Supply
Developer and fixer solutions are automatically pumped into the SRX-101A from the replenisher tanks. Replacement of chemical is clean, fast and simple.

Automatic Replenishment
Developer and fixer solutions are automatically replenished when film is inserted into the SRX-101A for processing.

Stand-by Mode
Stand-by timer can be set for 10 minutes, 30 minutes or turned off. When set for 30 minutes, the SRX-101A will go into a stand-by mode (heater off) for an interval of 30 minutes if film has not been inserted for more than 5 minutes. After 30 minutes, the unit will return to the ready mode for 5 minutes and go back to stand-by. This cycle saves energy and yet assures that the unit is ready to operate on short notice even low volume usage.

Auto Shut-down
If film has not been inserted for a period of 8 hours, the SRX-101A automatically shuts off.